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    Sized to fit on existing or new 16 OC joist systems, with our patent pending clip and 32”x32” deck tile, you can have a new deck floor in hours. You get a barefoot deck because the deck tiles are manufactured so that all the fasteners are not exposed when installed.

    Another benefit of our product is that they are made of premium-grade wood, cut and sanded, and then pressure treated. This means you will have a floor that is 100% pressure treated – which greatly lengthens the life of your deck floor by two to three times.

    But there’s more! With our patent pending clip that holds it to the joist, you have the ability to lift a deck tile anywhere on your deck. That means if you have the need to get under your deck, you no longer need to crawl underneath it.

    Now you can have the wood barefoot deck floor you always wanted, but install it in hours instead of days…

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